Americans Overheard At Dinner (Ko Chang, Thailand)

“I don’t know. The Bush thing gets so overplayed.”

“Makes me wish I learned a little Thai before I came. Now I’m here
and everyone speaks English so….” (laughs).

“You just need to chill and realize that they don’t have customer
satisfaction surveys here.”

To the owner: “Your people are like. So cool. I am in awe.”

“My signal keeps going out too. We’re roughing it!”

“I can’t even imagine what Cambodia is like.”

“So I know that we’re near where the Vietnam war was. But was it like,
really close?”.

“That’s hilarious.” (One girl says this 26 times instead of actually laughing).

“It is so, like, I don’t know. They’re actually chopping the
vegetables. How cool is that? It reminds me of Koreatown. Or

“I just want to take a year of my life and go to like, everywhere.”

“We really have to hit the 7-11 later. I need smokes and Oreos.”

“Like. I don’t know. Like. I just like. Like. I don’t know. Like. Just
like…” (She never gets the sentence off the ground).

“So do you guys have pop songs too?”

“I can totally see eating this for thirty dollars in LA.”

“I wonder how much condoms are here.”

“Isn’t it cute how they say ‘make a party’ instead of ‘have a party?’

“If I had a choice I would totally eat with chopsticks every night”.

“This is such, like, an authentic experience. Just look at these
plastic plates.”

“It’s not like I have a whole new perspective on life. It’s just like,
that I have some perspective.”

“That’s sooooo spicy. Can I have more water?” (I am convinced the
staff double-dosed the chilis and are snickering under their pleasant

7 Responses to Americans Overheard At Dinner (Ko Chang, Thailand)

  1. Joel says:

    “That’s Hilarious”

    My absolute pet peeve when people say that instead of actually laughing…I just submitted a piece to Matador last night about that and other stupid phrases people say…haha…thats funny 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    That’s Hilarious! Seriously! You just couldn’t hear me laugh via the internet.

    And embarrassing, it’s definitely embarrassing. At least now they have some perspective (what did they have before?).

  3. Cate says:

    Like um wow like I think this is like you know…. hilarious.
    Nicely written and observed whoever eavesdropped in. Thanks for sharing these gems.

  4. mark says:

    Making fun of the obnoxious “american tourist.” how original. If you ask me, holier-than-though travelers like your self are way more annoying.

  5. waywardlife says:

    Mark, while it is indeed funny, it’s also sad. What’s written is word for word what they said. I’m not “making fun” of anyone. They did it by themselves. As far as originality, I’ve never claimed to be original. Especially in travel writing, I’d press you to show me almost anything that hasn’t been done. But you get a big smoochy kiss anyway.

  6. michael says:

    Tom, thanks – it’s fabulous: absolutely authentic & really, really funny. It’ll go into my (new) folder of funny stuff travelers say. (I’ve been meaning to get it going for years. Can’t procrastinate any longer, with such a juicy list to start off with.)Looks like you hit a nerve with ‘mark’.

  7. Jay Tumble says:

    Hey there,
    I really love this blog. Yahoo sent me to this blog. I have found so much good imformation here.
    Will for sure visit it again.

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