Kunsthaus Tacheles Berlin – WOW

I saw some high-brow musicians perform last night at the most LOW BROW place I've ever been to.  Kunsthaus Tacheles looks like a crazy squat – walls lined with graffiti, pee smell, a makeshift bar in the hall.  Located in the old Jewish Quarter, this big building is five stories of concrete.  It's now an art space but formerly housed a department store.  It even had a pneumatic tube system for sending inter-building mail. 

Anyway…members of the Deutsche Symphonie Orchestra Berlin got together to kick around some Stravinsky for about an hour.  They performed in a concrete hall with an audience on folding chairs.  You can hardly imagine two different things that go so well together. 

I don't know crap about Stravinsky so I spent most of the time wondering what the building has been like during its lifetime.  It was built in 1908.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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